About CBFS

About CBFS

Commercial Bank Financial Services (L.L.C.), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Commercial Bank (Q.S.C.), provides customers with a secure platform for trading on QE Listed stocks, Bonds & T–bills. CBFS is a licensed brokerage house in the State of Qatar and is regulated by the Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA). The company allows you to trade directly on the Qatar Exchange via numerous channels anywhere and anytime.


CBFS offers customers with the very best in investment products and services available and builds up on its rich heritage from Commercial Bank, a heritage based on understanding of customer needs.

We remain firmly committed to understanding our customer’s needs and to provide creative solutions. As a customer, you will benefit from our in depth understanding of markets, products and behaviours.

Being a part of The Commercial Bank means CBFS enjoys the benefits associated with being part of the largest private sector bank in Qatar. We pride ourselves as being part of the Bank that is inspired by Qatar. CBFS is underpinned by a strong set of values; a team who is responsive to your needs; and numerous years of experience & expertise.


Our mission at CBFS is “To be Qatar’s leading provider of premium brokerage services to all our customers through our dedicated brokers and state of the art trading portal for the complete range of financial products being offered”.


As part of the Commercial Bank group our vision is to “To play a leading role in the growth of the financial sector in Qatar by ensuring greater investor participation across the spectrum and providing the tools to prospective investors to enable them to effectively participate in the market.”

Our Clients

We cater to a range of clients with varying risk appetites and investment needs. Our clients include retail (Locals & Expatriates whether residing in Qatar or abroad), High Net Worth Individuals & Corporate entities (whether established in Qatar or abroad)

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