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Bonds are traditionally ‘IOU’s issued either by corporations or Governments. Essentially you as investor lend money to Corporations or Governments for a set period, during which time the bond issuer pays interest and when the bond reaches maturity, the loan should be repaid in full. Though Bonds traditionally do not provide a higher return on investments yet they are always an attractive investment option due to the fact that most of the times issuers are Governments or Corporations that generally do not default.


  • Regular coupon
  • Potential capital appreciation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Capital protection

​Bonds are initially issued at face value and generally pay you a coupon at a specified rate and on specified dates during the life of the bonds (except zero-coupon bonds). Although traded like equities, they have a lower risk and return expectations than equities, as they allow investors to recover the face value of the bonds when they mature – subject to no credit event during the life of the bond – which allows for a degree of capital protection.

At Commercial Bank Financial Services, we trade in a range of Qatari bonds that will allow you to diversify your portfolio, earn a higher return than time deposits and reduce your overall portfolio risk. This diversity gives you a greater flexibility in tailoring your investments to your financial goals, be it potential growth or consistent payments.

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