CBFS presents our customers with a wide range of services that allows them to focus on assets accumulation.

Trade Our company offers a state of art execution platform to buy and sell the stock and bonds listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange. The trading can be done though our direct hotline or web based Trade Direct portal. Orders can be placed through your mobile as well.
Margin Trading Trading transactions, whereby, our company funds a percentage of the securities market value purchased for our clients pursuant to the Agreement governing the relations between both.
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Call Centre Trade effortlessly over the phone by contacting us on our hotline. You can place orders in the Qatari listed companies at your own convenience by calling at our Call Centre, and our well trained executives will take your orders and pass on to the brokers to place them on your behalf after due verification.
Liquidity Provider As Liquidity Provider or Market Maker, we can facilitate the trading of a security listed on the exchange. This will ideally bring greater price stability and create market depth. The activity also brings in transparent pricing as it strives to be a buyer to all sellers and sellers to all buyers.
Institutional Services (ROR, DMA) This service caters to the requirement of large international brokers and intermediaries. The orders from international institutions can be routed though us with a direct connection to Qatar Exchange through us.
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