Ways To Trade

Ways to Trade

Broker's Lounge With our Brokerage lounge, you can exploit brokerage opportunities. Rather than visiting often overcrowded markets yourself, the lounge will enable you to make trades in a comfortable and efficient environment. You can experience the highest level of services while trading through these lounges.
Interactive Trading over the phone For all our customers who are constantly on the move, you can now trade effortlessly over the phone.
Mobile Trading Now you can stay connected and trade your stocks through our mobile trading application. Add a whole new dimension to your trading experience by using our mobile trading application with your GPRS or advanced internet connection for real-time trading from anywhere.
Online Trading Our online trading service provides direct access to the Qatar Exchange; alongside up-to-the-minute market research and insights. All backed up by outstanding customer service.

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Mobile Trading

Mobile Trading available for I phone
and android devices- Search for
“CBFS Trade” on your respective
app stores.

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